The Art of Gardening

1) The last thing anyone wants is wellie socks laying through the house, so a personalised door mat can display a funny message as you come in from your work

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2) When you are working on your flower beds or going down to do a bit of weeding, you are often down on your knees. This can be painful, so be sure to get yourself a foam knee pad to make sure you can still stand up after your graft!

3) Anyone and everyone needs to keep a track of what's going on, seed plantings or knowing when your flowers are going to bloom for instance. The best way, I can see, is to buy some gardening gifts that can help with this, like a personalised calendar for instance.

4) Another thing related to gardening is just what men get up to in their beloved Garden Sheds. However, the book "101 Things To Do in a Shed" hopes to help with this and packs its pages with 101 tasks and projects that should keep anyone busy for hours when pottering about in their shed.

5) Now, not all gardening has to actually be done indoors. One of the coolest gardening gifts you can get someone for the indoor months is a bonsai tree. This tiny tree makes for a stylish addition to any room and its diminutive stature means it can be grown and cared for indoors.

6) A lot of people like their food with a little kick. Curry is arguably Britain's favourite food and things like fajitas and other Mexican food are also very popular. If you like your food with a kick, then a "Grow It: Chilli Plants" gift box would make for a brilliant gift. Using this, you can grow your own chillies and add them to your own cooking, or just eat them raw, if you're particularly brave.

7) Most gardeners, or at least the ones I know, tend to have quite a few "irons in the fire" with regards to what they are growing. Gardening gifts tend to be seeds a lot of the time too, so how do you manage to keep all this organised? Well, by buying them a handmade seed organiser, they can keep all their seeds in separate labelled sections and not confuse what they are growing.

8) Now, anyone who has ever undertaken any sort of hard graft will know that it is thoroughly thirsty work. Gardening gifts come in many different guises, but there are very few which can bring you to mind every time someone uses them. A personalised mugs come in all sorts of different styles, including having your chosen name written in the stars or carried on a flag at a football match.

9) Every gardener, regardless of how experienced and green fingered they are, wont know everything about absolutely every aspect of gardening. They might not admit this, but if you went ahead and bought them The Little Book of Gardening Tips, they would still use it to make their garden as lush and attractive as possible.

10) And finally; make sure everyone in the house knows just who the head gardener is by getting them a fun "Head Gardener" badge to pin on to their apron or gardening gear when they venture out.

So, there you have it, ten unique and fun gardening gifts to get for the green fingered amongst your friends and family. These should keep them occupied and help them with their hobby at the same time and should keep you in their good books by getting them great presents - everyone is a winner.

Potting Sheds

WHAT ARE POTTING SHEDS ââ¬â Potting sheds are nothing more than Wooden Garden Sheds that have been set up or modified a little to be a potting shed or used as a potting shed. Potting sheds are the dream of every gardener and can even contain an area for starting plants in early spring. Most potting sheds will contain adequate shelving for storage of pots and tools etc. and most of all have a potting bench.

LOCATIONS FOR POTTING SHEDS ââ¬â Probably the biggest consideration for location of potting sheds is to locate the potting shed near the center of gardening activity. Closeness to the garden should be given high consideration if at all possible. Additionally, because you will be bringing in pots, plants, fertilizers, potting soils etc. locating the potting shed near a gate for ease of access should also be considered. If you modify the potting shed to include a mini-greenhouse area discussed below then I would consider locating the potting shed in such a way as to take advantage of the winter sun.


Gardening Tools

Basic gardening tools are usually economical and won't cost you a fortune. However, for the new and uninitiated gardeners, the most basic task that needs to be done before heading to the nearest gardening store is to prepare a comprehensive list of all the tools and supplies that are required. Tools also make great gardening gifts for any novice gardeners you know who are just starting out.

After asking seasoned gardeners about their most favorite and regularly used tools, it has been found that the names aren't very surprising. They are the five most traditional and commonly used gardening tools. The most frequently used among them are the clippers or shears. Seasoned gardeners consider it the most important gardening tool as it helps getting rid of excess foliage, pruning and shaping of the plants. They also advise that utmost care should be taken while purchasing shears and one should make sure that they are comfortable and fit well on the hands. After all, they'll be used most regularly.