Fitting The Glass Stair Panels Some Crucial Steps

Do you want an excellent installation of glass stair panels? Are you looking for ideal contemporary glass staircase fixation which may look fantastic? It is a fact that glass stairs may offer the viewers a wonderfully light and aesthetic feel to any home. It would be best if you fixed it in a stylized manner and use modern methods and tools for this purpose to enhance the glamour of the view.


If you want to fit glass panels, it may be a daunting task if you are not skilled. It will make the common misconception accurate that they are liable to break or become fragile. So you should not make the process easy and hire an expert firm to install it if you are not trained in this matter.  There are different glass panel, and some of them are easy to fix and install. They have a distinct style and quality. If they are correctly installed, they may be durable. There are some methods to install a new staircase or modify the existing one. The angle of the staircase needs between 40-45 degrees. Here are some instructions to install and fix the glass panels. You must follow these instructions for setting them. Here is a breakup of the fixation process.

Things needed for installation

Here are some instruments you will need to complete the installation of these glass panels.

Measurement tape, screwdriver and drilling bits, balustrade


It is a remarkably simple process to assemble the glass panels. You may fix the whole series within the staircase. You need to measure the length of you handrail or baserail. After the measurement, you need to adjust the baseball properly in place. Beware not to seal the bar at this step. First, you will have to secure the glass in the right place.

Now hold one piece of glass stair panels keeping the rubber gasket in place. It should be secured at the bottom of the staircase panel. You will find increased stability with it. Now check the hole to keep it in line with that one at the end of the glass.

Now you need to take the other half of the bracket by using the fixings. These fixings are provided with reflection panels. Now tighten it up, and the process is almost completed.

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