How to measure mattress

Do you know how to measure your mattress? Do you measure it with a specific measurement tool or just by your arms and feet? You buy a mattress for a substantial investment. So you must have proper width and length. If there is a change n mattress size, I should be a matter of concern. There are different instruments made to measure mattresses. The difference between your body impressions and sag of mattress should not change frequently. you must not get worried about every dip in the bed. In this article, I shall tell you about the mattress measurement method. It will let you know about good body impressions and unwanted mattress sagging.


Things you need

  • A string or yardstick
  • In the case of using the line, you need the painter’s tape.
  • Any measurement tape. You may use a ruler if you want. It would help if you used a stiff measuring tape.

Remove sheets, pads, and foam toppers

You must remove all the bedding off the mattress. It may include sheets, pillows, and other coverings. In this way, you may measure depression. If there is extra material on your bed, it may not give correct results. Memory foam mattresses are difficult to measure. In this situation, you must wait for a few hours to let it fully decompress to its natural form.

Make no measurement error

It would help if you took measures to avoid any mistakes in measurement. With your finger, you must make the top of the mattress soft. It will do away with any possible wrinkles in the fabric, and you may be able to take correct measurement data.

Measure the dip

It would be best if you lay the yardstick across the width of the mattress. It must reach the deepest part of the depression. It would help if you did it with care. Now measure the edge with the painter’s tape and do all the process. Now you must measure the dip. The tip of measuring the device must stay on the surface of the mattress. In this way, you can know the most profound impression on your bed.

Assess and interpret the findings

Now you may understand your results. Your mattress body impression is not in the advice limits if the distance of depression in mattress is greater than 2 inches. It means it is not suitable for the body. You should not worry if it is within the required limit, and it is in advised structure if it is lower than 2 inches.

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