Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control

Now-a-days, we use pesticides over our crops knowing that this is a dangerous method of pest control. These pesticides are harmful, not only for the bugs, but also for the crop, the people and the land. Organic gardening pest control has been around for centuries and was beneficial for our ancestors and their ancestors too. The first crops that were placed on the first farm used organic gardening pest control to get rid of the bugs. If people from the past were using these techniques then so can we. Many farms are now adapting the organic way of pest control to kill the pests to save the land and humans from them.

The best thing about using organic gardening pest control is that the it is never harmful to the crop as it does not come with any kind of toxic substance. One of the best forms of organic gardening pest control is to intorduce certain insects which eat other insects which are a pest. For instance, the ladybug is useful in a farm or home garden as it preys on insects and aphids and is not at all harmful for the crop. Another example is the praying mantis which feeds on other insect which would damage the crops. Organic gardening pest control uses insects which eat the eggs of the parasites and pests along with killing the pests.

Another option is to plant some special plants that are known for repelling insects in a natural way. For example, marigold, onion and garlic are repugnant to insects. You can also spray organic soap on your plants to save them from harmful bugs and insects in an organic way. Using these organic gardening pest control methods for your garden will benefit you in many ways and will cut your maintenance costs too.

Organic gardening pest control methods can be used on both a small and large scale. Whether you want pest control methods for your garden or for your farm, these methods are easy, organic and beneficial.

Organic gardening pest control methods are much older, safer and effective than the chemical pesticides. Through the organic ways, one not only saves the crops from pests but also saves the land, the human and the environment from harmful chemicals. Moreover, the organic methods are also helpful in cutting down the costs of maintenance.

Organic pest control devices can make great gifts for gardeners, for example, a wasp catcher made from a glass bottle which you can hang up and fill with sweet liquid or some Citronella candle pots. These can serve as decorative additions to a garden as well as prolong the life of your loved one’s plants.

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