Potting Sheds

Potting Sheds

WHAT ARE POTTING SHEDS – Potting sheds are nothing more than wooden garden sheds that have been set up or modified a little to be a potting shed or used as a potting shed. Potting sheds are the dream of every gardener and can even contain an area for starting plants in early spring. Most potting sheds will contain adequate shelving for storage of pots and tools etc. and most of all have a potting bench.

LOCATIONS FOR POTTING SHEDS – Probably the biggest consideration for location of potting sheds is to locate the potting shed near the center of gardening activity. Closeness to the garden should be given high consideration if at all possible. Additionally, because you will be bringing in pots, plants, fertilizers, potting soils etc. locating the potting shed near a gate for ease of access should also be considered. If you modify the potting shed to include a mini-greenhouse area discussed below then I would consider locating the potting shed in such a way as to take advantage of the winter sun.

POTTING BENCHES FOR POTTING SHEDS – There is no magic to potting benches although there are some things that can really enhance the potting bench for the gardener. If there is any way to mount a sink and faucet set up on the bench or very close to the bench then this would be helpful. If you don’t feel like you want to set up a sink in a potting bench you can buy potting benches with sinks already installed in them. The main thing is give the gardener a bench to work off for working on the plants and making the height of the bench at a comfortable height for the gardener. You can cover the bench top with masonite which makes clean up a breeze or leave the bench just with a wood top. If doing this I would make the top out of cedar or redwood as these types of wood resist rot and decay. Moisture will always be present on the top of a potting bench. Ideally build or buy two potting benches. One bench can contain the sink and another can be a bench with a sunken trough that can be filled with potting soil and allows for potting plants easily.

MODIFY THE POTTING SHED A LITTLE BIT FOR A MINI-GREENHOUSE – By simply using a fiberglass panel or two on the roof and side walls of the potting shed you can create a little mini-greenhouse section for part of the potting shed. This will allow enough light in to be able to start plants indoors in early spring for garden planting when the weather cooperates. Additionally, the fiberglass panels will allow for some solar heating of the potting shed and will cut down on the amount of lighting needed in the potting shed. The gardener in your life will love you for this little modification.

SHELVING – SHELVING- AND MORE SHELVING- FOR POTTING SHEDS – There are many things a gardener needs and uses in the garden that must be stored in the potting shed. To prevent things being left on the floor, decreasing the amount of useable space, build plenty of shelving. The shelving can be built or purchased and secured to the walls of the potting shed. Also consider adding one or more pegboards for hanging up garden tools and other items used in the garden. Don’t forget that you can put shelves under any potting bench you use for storage also. Most potting benches you purchase will have a bottom shelf.

POTTING SHED PLANS – Just like with wooden garden sheds you can purchase proven potting shed plans in order to allow you to easily build a potting shed or to convert a wooden garden shed into a great potting shed for the gardener in your life.

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